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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Setting Up Shop!

Leather Jacket- Old (similar)
T-shirt- Target (similar)
Skirt- Tasha Delrae
Shoes- Aldo, Thrifted (similar)

Midi skirts are usually worn in a quite lady-like style...I had fun mixing things up a bit by pairing mine with a t-shirt and leather!
Speaking of midi skirts, I`ve decided I`m going to set up shop!  I`m in the middle of making up a bunch of skirts to sell online, and I`d love to hear your feedback!
At first I was going to focus mostly on full midi skirts (the ones I`ve made can be found in these posts), but I`m also going to make some full mini skirts, and if things go well I will continue to add different styles of skirts, and hopefully eventually start adding tops, dresses and pants!
I haven`t quite figured out where exactly I will set up shop, right now I`m leaning towards Etsy, but I`d love to hear your thoughts/suggestions if you have any experience shopping or selling things online.

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