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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Princess Dress Revamp: A Halloween Costume

This year Vyla is obsessed with naturally she wants to be one for Halloween.  Originally I was going to make her a princess dress from scratch, but then while I was visiting my parents we went through some of my old clothes, and happened upon a couple dresses my mom had made for me as a child.  I figured I could save myself some time and fabric if I were to revamp a dress instead. 
At the fabric store I found some heart flocked tulle for $2/meter, the sequin fabric was from my stash, and the jewels I had already as well.
What I did:
-Gathered a tulle skirt and sewed it around the waist of the dress.
-Sewed two tubes of sequined fabric to create long sleeves for the dress (it'll be cold out on Halloween!)
-Sewed a tube of sequin fabric slightly wider than the waist of the dress, pulled it up at the front and back, and sewed it onto the dress around the waist.
-Glued gems onto the neckline.

This was such a fast project, and was much easier than making a dress from scratch!  Next time your little princess needs a dress, consider heading to the thrift store in search of something that can be revamped!

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