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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Discount Shopper

Sweater- Winners
Skirt- Winners (similar)
Boots- Spring, Old (similar)

I'm a major discount store shopper, I hate paying full price!  I found this leather paneled skirt by Catherine Malandrino at Winners in the clearance section for $38, it retails for $450!!!  
I'm kinda ruined when it comes to shopping...I now have a hard time shopping in the stores I used to love (H&M, Forever21, Zara....) because I want better quality, but I don't want to pay designer prices.  Of course this sounds a little crazy, don't you get what you pay for?  The problem is that if I really want it that badly, I can go buy some fabric, draft a pattern and sew it myself (of course I don't seem to have enough time to make everything I want) so I find it hard to justify paying designer prices.  I also know that I don't have time to make everything that I want, which is why I'm completely addicted to the sales racks, and Winners!  
I also should mention that I have no idea why this skirt was discounted so much?  Have shoppers not been reading the fashion magazines that are showcasing quilted leather all over their pages?!?!  I'm kinda glad they weren't paying attention...hehe

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