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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dressing All Fancy

Stylsih Fur Coat

Little Black Dress

Fur Jacket- Vintage, Thrifted
Dress- Self Made (love this one!)
Shoes- Thrifted
Clutch- Winners (similar)

Christmas Parties in the past have always meant an excuse for me to make myself a new "fancy" dress...last year I never did because I was 9 months preggo (Blake was born on Christmas)...and then this year happened... 
I don't know what it is, but usually I have so much inspiration that I can not wait to design and make something "fabulous"...I flipped through my magazines, read my favorite blogs...and still nothing stood out to me.  What's a girl to do when she has no inspiration?  
I ended up wearing the dress I made for a Christmas party a few years back...I figured that it was OK because different party = different people..haha 
I'm so glad I gave myself another chance to wear this dress...I love it!
With a dress this fabulous I had to top it off with something worthy...and in my opinion (humble opinion? haha) this coat is totally worthy.  A fur coat from the 60's will always be worthy.  I'm not sure why it had to sit in my closet for so long before it got it's night out on the town?  Sound familiar?
And for anyone toes were quite numb after this photo shoot!  Snow and sandals are never a good idea in "real life"'s a good thing parties are indoors in the Winter!

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