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Friday, February 14, 2014

Activewear Cover-Ups!

A few days ago I talked about the clothes that I like to wear while I’m working out, today it’s time to focus on what I’m wearing over my gym clothes to get me from my house to the Rec-Center.
With it being the middle of winter I can’t get away with only wearing my tank top and shorts to the gym, I have to add some layers so I don’t freeze my behind!  Of course I could be one of those people who wear their regular clothes to the gym, and get changed in the change rooms.  But I’m not!  I like to show up all ready to go, because usually I’m in a rush to get back home to my family!

Rue21 is an online shop that carries trendy clothing for both guys and gals.  In their shop I have found the perfect layering pieces to take me from my house to the gym.
Lace Inset PulloverHarem PantsHooded PulloverSweat Pants

Some days I just want to throw on a pair of sweat pants and a hoodie, while others I might want to step things up a notch with a pair of printed palazzo pants or harem pants.  The one very important thing I look for in clothing to cover my gym clothes is that the bottoms are loose enough so that no one can see my short-lines!  
I also found a bunch of perfectly slouchy t-shirts that could easily double as active wear on!

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