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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Activewear Essentials: 3 Different Outfits

Right around the New Year I posted about how I’ve been staying active.  It’s not a New Years resolution of mine, it’s now my lifestyle!

I’ve never been able to work out in an oversized t-shirt and pants.  I get sweaty!  Sweaty Betty!  I also like to wear cute workout clothes, it makes exercising seem a little less like work, and a bit more like play! 

For me it’s so important that I find cute workout clothes made out of fabrics that wick away the sweat, there’s nothing worse than feeling sopping wet and overheated! Sweaty Betty is an online retailer specializing in women's active wear.  They carry everything you need to lead an active lifestyle from yoga wear to ski sweaters!

I’ve put together a few fashion forward outfits that I would wear the the activities you will usually find me participating in.

Cardio and Weights at the gym:
For my workouts at the gym I like to wear a tank top, supportive sports bra and running shorts.  Usually I spend most of my time running intervals on the treadmill, so it’s a good idea to wear a loser top that will let the breeze of my movement pass through the shirt to keep me cool.
TRX class:
For my TRX class I like to wear a tighter top and shorts because I end up spending a lot of time holding onto the straps in a slightly horizontal position.  The worst thing would be to have my shirt flying up all the time getting in my way.  I always wear shorts to TRX because anything else feels too hot, but yoga pants would be a great option if you prefer to wear pants.
Running Outdoors:
I’m not big into running outdoors when the weather is below freezing, but as soon as the temperature hits above freezing it’s hard to keep me inside!  Of course it’s still cool outside, so it’s very important to wear something warm that also wicks away the sweat.  A long sleeve running jacket is a great layering tool, and of course fitted running pants are a must!

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