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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Add a Tulle Hem to a Pencil Skirt DIY Instructions

I mentioned in the post earlier this week that I found the shape of the skirt that my hubby bought me years ago to be a bit plain....perhaps in need of a refashion!  I took the simple straight skirt, and changed the shape of the bottom to be a more dramatic pencil shape and then added a tulle hem for more of a mermaid effect.  Here is how I did it!
Materials and Supplies:
-Straight skirt
-Tulle or other fabric for the gathered hem
-Sewing Machine
-Thread to match

(This is very similar to my Mermaid Skirt DIY, feel free to follow those instructions, just making the bottom section smaller)

1.  If your skirt has a slit/vent pin and sew it shut.  
If your skirt doesn't taper in much at the sides, you may want to taper in the side seams a little to get more of a mermaid silhouette, just make sure you don't take it in too much, you still need to be able to walk!
I took mine in starting right below the hips.  Make sure you do this evenly on both sides.
2.  I stitch ripped the existing hem on my skirt so that I could open it up and sew my tulle straight onto the hem.  This is optional.
3.  Measure the bottom of your skirt.  The amount of fabric you use for the width of the gathered hem will depend on how full you want the hem to be.  I made mine just over double the width of the bottom of my skirt.  If you are using a fabric that isn't very stiff for the gathered hem you might want to make it even wider.

4.  Determine the length that you would like your gathered hem section to be. 

5.  For my skirt I used two layers of tulle so that my skirt hem would flare out nicely at the bottom.  If you are only using a stiff fabric, one layer should be fine.  My heart print tulle isn't very stiff, which is why I added the second layer of a more stiff tulle.
Cut out your hem fabric so that it's the right width to give you the amount of gathers you wanted (determined in step 2), this may require you to cut more than one piece if your fabric isn't wide enough, by the length you would like the hem to be (plus a little for a seam allowance).  You can always make it a little longer and then trim it down to the length you want after it's finished and you've tried it on.
6.  Sew the hem piece(s) into a large tube.

7.  Using a large stitch length gather the top of your fabric/tulle tube.
8.  Take your skirt so you're holding it up by the hem,  pin on the gathered tube of fabric with the right sides of the tube facing the right sides of your skirt.
9.  Sew the hem section into place.
10.  Flip your skirt around and turn down the hem section.  
Your skirt's all done!
I can't help but think that this skirt would be perfect to wear to a wedding...summer or winter!

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