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Friday, May 30, 2014

3 Way Ruffle Dress DIY

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It's no secret that I get pretty excited about all my DIY projects, but I think this one might trump them all...well for now anyways!
Not only is there 3 ways to style this dress (classic ruffle shoulder straps, one shoulder and off the shoulder), but the instructions can be used to make any size.  I made a dress for a 1 year old, and I made another for my 4 year old daughter...versatility is always exciting!
Materials and Supplies
-Fabric (I used close to 2 meters)
-Thread to Match
-Sewing Machine
-Measuring Tape/Ruler
*When you feed the elastic through each casing make sure that it never ends up twisted!*

1.  Sew a tube for the body of your dress that is about 4" longer than you want your dress, measuring from your armpits down.  You want the width to be close at least 10" wider than your hips.  I just used the whole width of my fabric (60") meaning my dress was about 24" wider than my hips.
2.  Fold your dress tube in half lengthwise so that what will become the centre front and centre back are lined up on top of each other.  From the other side (which will be the sides of the dress) cut out a rounded corner for your armpits.  You want it to measure down about 3" (for an adult size).  I accidentally made mine a bit too shallow, so now the dress rides up my arm pits a little...oops!
 3.  Turn under and sew the edges on both armpits.
 4.  Cut out your ruffle fabric so that they measure at least 24" longer than the width of your dress.  (Meaning that they will extend at least 6" from each side of the dress when it's folded flat.)  I made my ruffles about 4" wide.
5.  Sew the ruffle piece into a wide tube and hem the bottom edge.
 6.  Pin and then sew the ruffle tube to the top of the dress in the front and back, make sure that the ruffle over hangs both edges evenly.
 7.  Turn down the top edge of the ruffle and make a casing for the elastic leaving a hole to feed it through.  Measure some narrow elastic (I used 1cm) so that it will fit nicely around your shoulders (not too tight or too loose), feed the elastic through the casing, sew the elastic ends together and sew shut the hole you had left.
 If you need more details for this step follow steps 4-8 on this tutorial (there's lots of pictures).
Making the Elastic Waist Casing
 8.  Try on your dress now and decide where you want the waist elastic to sit.  This dress would be perfect as an empire waist as well (which means it would be fantastic for maternity wear!)  Mark your waist line with a pin.
9.  After you take off your dress measure from the top of the dress to the pin.  Add 1.5cm (5/8") to this measurement (as long as you are using 1cm elastic, add more for wider, and less for narrower).  Now measure and mark with pins all around the dress that length.
 10.  Fold your dress down along the line of pins, and pin in place.
 11.  Sew all around the dress 1.5cm (5/8") in from the folded edge.
 12.  Press what is now going to be the elastic waist casing down, and sew the folded edge down really close to the edge, leaving an opening for your elastic.
13.  Measure and cut a piece of elastic that will fit comfortably around your waist.  Feed the elastic through the casing, sew the elastic ends together, and sew the opening shut.
Hem the skirt....and you're all done!
For the baby dress I skipped the waist elastic.
For Vyla's dress I made the waistband out of contrasting fabric (meaning I did the waist casing a bit differently) and then added a ruffle to the bottom as well. 
dress pattern for girls
I didn't notice until after the photos were taken that Vyla had her dress on backwards! 
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