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Monday, May 19, 2014


Leather Jacket- via Beyond The Rack (similar)
Necklace- Smart Set (similar)
Crop Top- Winners (similar)
T-shirt- BSB Concert
Skirt- Tasha Delrae Etsy Use code SPRING15 for 15% OFF any order by May 29 I have lots of custom fabric options!
Shoes- c/o

I love how music can magically take you back to so many different points in time.  Last night I had such an amazing time at the Backstreet Boys concert!  My favourite band of all time...which I have no problem admitting to anyone!  
I know there might be other bands and musicians that are more popular in the current time, but I feel like the Backstreet Boys music will always be relevant to me at all different points of my life.  I would have died (ok, not died...cried big fat ugly tears of joy) to see them back when I was 11 or 12, but I think it meant so much more to me to see them now at 28.  If I had seen them at a younger age it would of just been because they were so current and trendy, I wouldn't be able to appreciate the concert as much as I did last night.  
Every song sung last night brought me back to a different point in my life....for a moment I was back in Grade 5 pouring over my friends teeny bop magazine looking at all our crushes....then I was in Grade 7 on a class trip waiting in line for a ride at the amusement park.  Other songs brought me back to being a newly wed starting a life with my best friend.  I have a feeling that in a few years some of their songs are going to bring me back to memories of dance parties in the living room with my kidlets!


The only thing I'm a little disappointed about is that they didn't sing my favourite song "Drowning"...
Oh and did I mention that we saw AJ after the show in the McDonalds parking lot...there might of been some slight stalking involved (we would never do something like that!  We just wanted a snack)....

Here's a picture of us girls all ready to head to the concert in style!

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