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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Beaded Body Chain DIY

 Here's the second colourful body chain I made.  This one I made so that it was mostly chain with a few colourful beaded sections.
 Materials and Supplies
-Assorted glass beads
-Head Pins and Loop Pins
-Jump Rings
-Pliers (regular and round nose)
1.  Put some beads onto a few end pins in whatever design you like.  Use the prong tip pliers to make a loop at the top.
 I made mine a few different lengths, and the middle one is actually a beaded end pin attached to a beaded eye pin.
 2.  Bead three eye pins to make a triangle.  For the bottom leg of the triangle I put both beads and the  beaded eye pins that I made in step one on to make a bit of a fringe.
3.  Cut two pieces of chain at least 1 meter long.  Attach one end of the chain to the bottom corner of the triangle using a jump ring.  Attach the other end of the chain to the top of the triangle, do this for both sides.
You probably noticed by now that the body chain worn in the pictures has a section of chain that goes straight up from the top of the triangle before attaching to the side chains.  This was added later because I wanted to add a bit of length to my chain after it was all finished.  You may or may not want to do something like this to your chain as well depending on how it sits on your body.  Another option is to make the 2 pieces of chain longer to begin with (I didn't have enough chain for that option).
4.  Bead some eye pins (2 attached together) for the back section.  I used 10 eye pins to make 5 rows. Use your prong tip pliers to make the eyes on each end.
5.  Attach these eye pin rows to the back of the body chain with jump rings as shown below, starting on one side and then attaching to the other side making sure that everything is perfectly symmetrical. You will likely want the rows to be slightly higher on the back so there is slightly more chain length on the bottom section of the body chain.
 6.  Try on your body chain and make any adjustments to the chain as required.  I already mention what I did in step 3, which was adding about 4" of chain between the top of the triangle and the top of the two sides of chain.
 All Done!

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