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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Body Chains

With my girls trip to Vegas quickly approaching I can't help but be inspired by items that I wouldn't normally get away with in my everyday life.  I just realized that Vegas would be the perfect opportunity to wear a body chain of some sort.  Most of the chains I've seen are only metal chains, but I love the idea of mixing things up a little with beads, thread...anything bright.  If only I could recreate something that mixes elements from these body chains and the bright and colourful bracelets in this picture!
(sources for these pictures here)

You can bet I'm going to be in my craft room surrounded by chains, beads and threads trying to figure out some way to turn this inspiration into reality!
I should note that my idea for wearing the chain would be under a very plain cropped t-shirt or tank top (pretty much like this).

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