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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Leather Cord Body Chain DIY

After posting about how I was inspired to try making a colourful body chain I got straight to work!
In my craft room I found some leather cords left over from a previous DIY, a gold belt type clasp along with my jewelry making supplies...I knew I could throw something together that would work.
Pop by again tomorrow to see how I made a different colourful body chain!!
 Materials and Supplies
-Narrow Leather Cords in a few colours
-Pliers (Regular and Round Nose)
-Interlocking Belt Clasp
-Jump Rings
-End Caps
-Pin Heads (optional)
-Strong Glue
-Measuring tape
1.  Cut out your leather cords so that each colour is longer than the next by about 1 1/2".  My smallest cord is 16" long.  Cut 2 of each colour.  I had 4 colours.
2.  Grab one end of the 4 cords and dip them in your strong glue.
 3.  Insert the glued ends of the cord into an end cap.  Use your pliers to crimp it tightly closed around the cords.
 4.  Do the same to the other end of your cords, you should end up with something that looks like the picture below.  Repeat the instructions so you have two sets of cords like this.
5.  Use your pliers to attach one end of the cords to the belt clasp using a jump ring.  Repeat for the other cord.
 6.  Use your pliers again to attach the other ends of the cord to a long chain (for the back of the body chain) with a jump ring.  My back chain measures 10" long.
 7.  For the shoulder straps I only used my orange leather cord from which I cut two pieces that measured 18" long.  I attached an end cap to each end the same as steps 2 and 3.
8.  I attached one end with a jump ring to the top of the back chain, and the other to the top piece of the belt clasp.
 9.  To add a little more fun to my body chain I used some beads and pin heads (that I cut so that orange was the longest and green was the shortest) to make a little bit of a fringe style charm at the front.  Use pronged tip pliers to twist the top of the pin head into a hole.  Use jump rings to attach the beaded pins to the bottom belt clasp between the two colourful cords.
 All Done!
The best thing about this project is that you can really make it however you like...if you have a dress form that you can play around on (or a friends body will do..haha) it makes it easier to come up with different designs.

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