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Monday, July 7, 2014

7 Years and Purple Hair

(Notice the cute little boy in the background...he was much too cute to crop out!)

Leather Jacket- Wilson Leather (similar)
Slip Dress- Winners (love this one)
Shoes- Nine West (similar)

It took me a few goes, but I finally got my purple hair sorted (after the last try washed out after one wash!)...I ended up going on Amazon and looked up a bunch of purple hair dyes, to find one with a good rating and a good price.  I ended up purchasing 3 tubes of Sparks Premium Dye in Purple Passion, I figured my hair would probably use more than one tube....I was wrong..haha!  I ended up mixing the dye with some conditioner (about 50/50, maybe even more conditioner) and painted it on all my hair...I didn't even use a full tube to do my whole head!! This is amazing stuff for anyone thinking of dyeing their hair bright (there are many colour choices) and did I mention that a tube of dye was under $7! I did have my hair lightened ombre professionally first though.
Moving on from my hair...haha
Happy 7th Anniversary Brodylicious!
The couple who masks together stays....beautiful together...right?

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