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Friday, July 11, 2014

Floating Flower Sheer Skirt DIY

I'm pretty sure I'm starting to sound like a broken record every time I post a new DIY....but...I'm really excited about this new project!!
We've been seeing sheer skirts every where...and I love embellishments, so I've mashed the two together!  This picture on pinterest has had me wanting a flower embellished skirt for a while now!
For this projects I made my tulle skirt from scratch, but if you just want to go out and buy a tulle skirt, all you have to do is sew on some fabric flowers to the top layer of also might want to cut out the lining if you are wanting the skirt to have the same sheer effect as mine.
I also love the idea of using butterflies, or some other fun embellishment like lips or eyes!
Materials and Supplies
-Tulle Fabric (I used 2.5 yards of 54'' Wide Tulle)
-Elastic to Match (if possible, otherwise white or black will likely look fine)
-Thread to Match
-Sewing Machine
-Small Fabric Flowers (I found mine at the dollar store)
-Hand Sewing Needle


*For my skirt I started with a piece of tulle that was 2.5 yards by 54"wide.  I turned my tulle sideways and used the whole width of the fabric for the length part of my skirt (I turned a bit less that half under into the skirt, to make my skirt about 30" long...more on that later) and the 2.5 yards became the width to go around my waist.*

1.  Lay out your tulle fabric flat and randomly place the flowers (or other appliqué) towards the bottom of the fabric.  I scattered them so that most of the flowers were concentrated at the bottom of the skirt, with the highest flowers being about 15" up.
I used a total of 60 small flowers for my skirt.
2.  From the back of your tulle hand sew the flower onto the tulle.  Make sure you knot your thread well so it doesn't come off.   Clip your thread when you're done, and move on to the next flower.
I started sewing the bottom flowers first, and then worked my way up.
I won't took me probably an hour to hand sew all the flowers on.  I'm sure you could glue them on...but they would fall off a lot easier.
3.  When you've finished sewing on all the flowers, fold your fabric in half so that the flowers are facing in towards each other, line up the side edges of the tulle, and sew the seam all the way from the top to bottom.
4.  Turn your large tulle tube right sides out.  Turn under the top half of the tube in to the middle of the tube until you're happy with the length of the skirt.  As I mentioned earlier, I turned mine in about 24" so that the outer skirt tulle was about 30".  This will give you two layers of tulle, which will help make the skirt a bit fuller.
5.  Gather the top edge (the fold now) of your skirt just slightly using a long stitch on your sewing machine (or just sew it by hand).
6.  Cut your elastic so that it will fit comfortably around your waist.  Sew the elastic ends together to make a tube.
7.  Pin your elastic onto your slightly gathered skirt top so that the elastic overlaps the top of the tulle by about half an inch.
8.  Use a small zig-zag stitch to sew the elastic to the tulle by sewing along the edge of the elastic all the way around, stretching the elastic with your hand as you go.
Clip your threads, and you're all done!

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