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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bold and Bolder

Bright Dress, One Shoulder Dress, Printed Shoes, Bib Necklace
Stone Statement Necklace
Hi-Low Hem
Dress- Self Made and DIY Project (I sewed the dress with this pattern, but removed the one shoulder)
Necklace- Self Made
Shoes- Sophia Webster

I don't like following rules.  I think a crazy dress like this would usually call for understated jewelry and a nude heel...instead I went in the complete opposite direction!

Crazy dress, Check!
Bold Necklace, Check!
Printed Shoes, Check!

I wish I could wear outfits like this everyday!

Speaking of this necklace...I made it over a year ago, along with a few other similar the question is, should I sell some of them on my Etsy Shop?  Or would you like a tutorial on how to make your own?  Or maybe I'm the only one who loves this crazy necklace so much!?! haha

And on a totally unrelated note, as you're reading this I'm most likely running (crawling) up a Mountain!  It's half marathon day...and I'm going up hill 2000ft before I get to roll down (haha!) the rest of the way.

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