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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dressing Cheaply: A Sewing Snob Rant!

Dress- Clover Canyon via Winners (love this one)
Necklace- Suzy Shier

I have a weakness for bright funky prints, so of course I love everything Clover Canyon makes!
I found this dress on Clearance at Winners this week, it was pretty exciting to only pay $36 for a dress that retails closer to $300. the same time, I don't really understand how they can sell their clothes for such crazy prices, when the only "real special" thing about them in the print!  As a sewer, I expect higher quality workmanship and fabric from anything that is more expensive.  
The fabric of this dress is a polyester spandex blend that is only slightly better quality than you would find at Forever21 for $15!  The seams were only serged together (pretty much the fastest way to sew something), and the skirt wasn't even hemmed, meaning they just cut the bottom edge, and didn't bother to do anything to it because they know that the knit fabric won't fray.
Basically I could find enough fabric to make this dress for under $10, and it would maybe take half an hour to sew.  I couldn't imagine ever paying full price for a simple design with such basic fabric.  Maybe I'm just a sewing snob...haha!...but when something so simple is priced over $100, I at least expect the fabric to be made from a silk blend, or something more luxurious than polyester!

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