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Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Easiest Hi-Low Hem DIY Ever!

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A few weeks ago I was going through my alterations pile, and came across this dress I made (I even did the crazy fabric dye job..haha) 6 years ago to wear to a friends wedding.  I only wore the dress that once partially because it's so loud, and also because I thought I needed to straighten the hem a little bit.
I decided that this dress would probably be the perfect candidate for a hi-low hem, so I tried on the dress, and flipped under the front section to see if that's what I wanted to do.  I was thinking I would end up cutting the front section out to create the hi-low hem, but when I saw how the skirt looked simply pinned up, I scratched that plan, and realized I had the perfect solution by only using 3 safety pins!

It's a NO SEW DIY project that can easily be undone at anytime!!

I wouldn't try this on a skirt any shorter than mid-length, otherwise you're heading into inappropriate territory...haha.  This will work best on a skirt or dress that has a waistband or waist seam that can easily be pinned onto.
Hi Low Hem Skirt Tutorial
All you have to do is pin the bottom of the skirt front under, onto the waistband or seam so it doesn't show from the right side of the skirt or dress.  I flipped up the skirt of my dress, and folded the skirt down in half, then I used 3 safety pins to pin the hem to the waist seam, one in the centre, and two on either side spaced out about 4 inches apart.  Then flip the skirt down, and you're all done!
If you find that your skirt is too short in the front when you try this, you could always take 3 wide equal length pieces of ribbon, and use 6 safety pins instead, pinning one end of the ribbon onto the waist seam, and the other end onto the hem of the skirt.  Adjust the length of the ribbon according to how much length you need to add the the front of the skirt.
Hi Low Hem, Mullet Skirt, Tie Dyed Dress
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