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Friday, September 5, 2014

Life & Changes

Canadian Fashion Blogger, Midi Skirt Outfit
Midi Skirt Outfit, Print Mixing
Midi Skirt, Canadian Fashion Blog, Summer Fashion
Shirt- Self Made
Skirt- Self Made (There's a similar one in my shop, more colours available)
Shoes- Sophia Webster

Call me crazy, but I'm quite loving this mixture of prints and bright colours!

When I first started this blog I thought the only topic I ever wanted to post about was going to be Fashion (which included Fashion DIY's, and Sewing)...I suppose I was wrong.
My love (or is it obsession) of fashion is still going strong, but I have so many other interests that I want to share.
I decided to make myself a weekly blog topic schedule...because I've been pretty horrible lately at keeping things consistent.  I'm going to give myself a two month trial period where I have to stick to the schedule before I'm allowed to even think about going back to my old random ways.

Here is what things are going to look like:

Make it Monday- I'll post a new DIY project, or if I haven't had a chance to make anything, share some favourites from around the web.  This could be fashion, sewing, crafting...anything!

Trendy Tuesday-  This will be a blog post about anything trendy, could be fashion, could be houseware, could be makeup...

Wellness Wednesday-  I'll post about something to do with Fitness and/or Health.  It might be about what types of workouts I've been doing lately...or maybe it will be about healthy snacks I love...who knows!

Tasty Thursday-  I'll share a recipe or share some favourites from around the web....or maybe I'll just talk about food and how much I love it!

Fashion Friday-  This will always be an outfit post of some sort.

Sewing Saturday (or Sunday)-  I'll show off the projects that I'm currently working on, or talk about my ideas/inspiration for future projects.

Here's a peek at the flower girl dress I'm making for Vyla right now :)

I'm going to allow myself one skipped topic per week if I have to...because the chances of me blogging 6 days a week are pretty slim!

I figure it's also time I did a little "life" update...mostly because I did the most random thing ever a few nights ago....
I went to the Rec Center for their Program registration night, to sign Vyla up for Figure Skating...before I got around to signing her up I ended up registering myself to play Hockey!!! Canadian of me!
I've never played actual hockey before...yes I've played street hockey, and pond hockey...but not actual on a team hockey.  It's an all ladies team and they say it's just for I'm super excited to start that next I just need to go get me some equipment!

On Sunday I'm running another half-marathon (I did the last one 4 weeks ago), it's just a little local one, nothing too crazy.  I'm aiming to finish in under 2 hrs.

I've also just signed on with dōTERRA as a Wellness Advocate.  With the amount of Essential Oils I use on a daily basis it made perfect sense for me.  You can check out my virtual store here.  
I'm really excited to try some new oils, and come up with some more recipes for all natural beauty products to share with you!

In less than a week we are headed to Seattle for a mini vacation with the Hubby's family (hello Mariners game!), then off to his cousins wedding in Sechelt BC on the 20th, then to see my parents...and a few other pit stops to visit family along the way.

I think that's all for now! haha

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