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Monday, September 22, 2014

Make It Monday: DIY Butterfly Shoe Clips!

Immediately after Brianna sent me this pin on pinterest I knew we had to DIY some butterfly shoe clips!
A month ago the two of us met up (we live 10hrs apart) and had a crafter noon at my In-Laws house, we didn't actually get around to making these clips right then (most of my supplies were at home), but we did buy the mirror butterflies, and felt sticker butterflies at the dollar store along with our other supplies for the projects we did make that day.
 Materials and Supplies
- Large Butterfly Stickers and/or Mirror 3D Wall Butterflies
-Strong Glue (I like Superglue or E6000®)
-Shoe Clips
-Clear Bendable Plastic Box (think of the boxes Barbie Dolls come in) or Pop Bottle (only needed for the sticker butterflies)
-Scissors (only needed for the sticker butterflies)


1.  Carefully peel off the back from two stickers, and stick them down onto your clear plastic.
 2.  Cut out carefully all around the butterflies.
 3.  Fold up both wings of each butterfly.
 4.  Glue the shoe clips onto the butterfly backs, making sure the clip is positioned so that the top of the clasp opens towards the top of the butterfly.
 All Done!!

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