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Monday, September 29, 2014

Make It Monday: DIY Cereal Box Clutch

Clutch DIY, Cereal Box Fashion
I've had this Darby Smart Magazine Clutch project sitting unmade for way too long!  The problem was that every magazine cover I've wanted to use never fit onto the clutch how I was for months new magazines would come and go, and I'd be waiting for the perfect cover.
About a month ago I was about to throw out the kids' empty Froot Loops box when I had a light bulb moment.  It could have been because the Chanel Grocery Store fashion show was still fresh on my doesn't really matter why it finally came to me, I'm just thrilled it finally did!
For this project you can either purchase the magazine clutch set from Darby Smart which will come with everything you need (minus the cereal box) to make this clutch or buy everything separately (blank clutch, glue/mod podge and a foam brush).  
1.  Measure your cereal box so that it will fit perfectly around your clutch.  I cut mine to size using an exact-o knife and a ruler.
2.  Use your foam brush to spread a thickish layer of mod podge onto one side of your clutch, press your cereal box onto the the glue.  I then used some clothes pins to hold it down into place.  Continue  spreading glue onto the bottom and opposite side of the clutch, and then press the rest of the box down onto the glue making sure to line all the edges of the box up perfectly with the edges of the clutch.  I continued to put clothes pins all around the clutch.  This is because the card board doesn't want to bend around and stay in place as well as a piece of paper would.
 For extra hold/protection you can spread a thin layer of super glue all around the edges of the box.
I left my bag to dry over night, and then I finished it off by spraying over the cereal box with a water proof craft sealant.
All Done!!

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