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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sewing Sunday: The Printed Fabric Dilemma

A few months ago I ordered a couple silk prints (top, and right in the picture below) intending to make an outfit that would incorporate print mixing.  I've been back and forth with design ideas ever since I received them in the mail.
Then last week I picked up a few more printed fabrics, and when I put them beside the other two fabrics I became even more torn on what to make!
Top- 100% Silk Charmeuse (here)
Originally I was thinking I would make a circle, or full gathered midi skirt so that I could pair it with the polkadot fabric which I would make into a top.  Next I thought maybe a maxi dress with a front slit would be fun, I was thinking something that could be worn by itself, or over pants kinda like this.
Right-  100% Silk Charmeuse (here)
Whatever I make with this fabric needs to be able to be worn with the above fabric.  That's the only reason I bought it.
Bottom-  100% Silk Georgette
This is a sheer fabric....and I have no idea what I want to make with it!  I only bought it because it was on major sale ($6 a meter for silk is unheard of) and I loved the print!
Left-  Polyester Burnt Out Style Lace
This fabric is amazing!  It's like nothing I have ever had before.  In the fabric store I draped it over every colour imaginable to figure out what colour I'd underline it looks amazing with them all!  Which makes for a very hard decision.  Do I put it over a cream fabric or a blue fabric to keep the fabric simple, or do I put it over something fun like coral or pink?
The other issue with this is that I kinda love how this fabric looks with both floral fabrics.  My original thoughts for this fabric was to make a full skirted dress, possibly with a different lace fabric (in the same cream colour) as the top of the dress.  If I make a dress then I don't think I'll be able to wear it with either of the floral prints.

Anyone have some ideas for me?!?  What would you make these fabrics into?

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