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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wellness Wednesday: My favourite go to workout...Kettlebells!

I've mentioned a few times on my blog about running a few half marathons, and for awhile running was my only go-to workout.  In the last year I've switched things up a lot and have added more strength training to my workouts.
I was getting tired of being so gangly and awkward (think baby giraffe learning to walk) and I really wanted more muscle definition...Kettle Bell workouts have been the best thing ever for me!
I started out with a 15lb kettle bell, and tried out this Jillian Michaels workout.  It was hard!  But I was hooked!  There were a few moves that I couldn't do with the 15lbs, but after a couple weeks they were no problem.  It was crazy how quickly I grew stronger, and even started to out grow my weights.
I love that kettle bell workouts are a mixture of strength and the end of it I'm dripping in sweat...and that's a good thing in my opinion!
Kettlebell Workout
1 min Cardio- I like Burpees, Jumping Jacks, Pike Jumps, High Knees, Butt Kicks...the list goes on
30 Halo (15 each direction)- Circling the Kettle Bell around your head (here)
30 Swings- I like to do single arm alternating...I also like to do one set swinging between the legs, and the next swinging from the outsides of my legs with my legs close together.
40 Clean and Press (10/side x2)- Shown Here
30 Single Leg Balance Deadlift (15/leg)- Shown Here
1 min Cardio
30 Single Leg Balance Row (15/side)- Balance with leg behind you, and row the kettle bell up with the opposite arm.
50 Russian Twists- Shown Here
30 Squat and Press- Squat down, press the weight up
40 Plank Pull Across- Get in high plank position with the bell set just outside your waist, pull the kettle bell across with the opposite arm from one side to the other switching arms.
1 min Cardio
30 Bridge Press (15/side)-  Lay on your back in bridge position, press up the weight slowly and back down.
40 Warrior 3 Balance Crunch- Shown Here
Alphabet Spell-out- Hold the bell in front of your body and spell out all the letters of the Alphabet in the air.

I wasn't actually planning on posting any workouts on my blog...and I'm definitely not trying to become a fitness blogger...but I happen to love this workout so much, maybe you will too!
If you want more kettle bell workouts from a REAL fitness blogger, you should check out Pumps and Iron!

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