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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wellness Wednesday: Popsicle Stick Workout

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 I suppose health is one of the last things that comes to mind when you think of popsicle sticks, but that's about the change!
I'm sure we've all seen this post on Pinterest...such a great idea!  I decided to take the popsicle stick workout a step further because I like my workout a little bit more structured.
I went to the dollar store and bought a couple bags of large coloured popsicle sticks, then decided which colour would represent what type of move.  I'm constantly adding more sticks to the bag as I try out more moves!

Purple: Warm up moves
Jog in Place, Jumping Jacks, Heisman, 1-2-3's, Log Jump, High Knees, Butt Kicks...

Blue:  Legs
Goblet Squat, Lunges, Belt Keck, Plie Squats, Fire Hydrants, Donkey Kicks, Deadlifts*...

Red:  Cardio
Stance Jacks, Power Jumps, Football Shuffle, Switch Kicks, Power Lunges...

Orange:  Full Body
Burpees, Side Crunch & Shoulder Press*, Chest Fly & Leg Lift*, Plank Punches...

Yellow:  Abs
Mountain Climbers, In/Out Abs, Bridge Switch Kicks, Warrior 3 Balance Crunch*, Russian Twists*, Scissor Kicks...

Green: Arms
Lateral Raise*, Tricep Dips, Clean & Press*, Bicep Curl*, Push Ups, Chest Press*, Balance Row*, Pike Push Up

*This Move Requires Weights

How I Structure My Workout
I set up my workouts into a circuit, typically I do 4 minutes of work (1min per move) and then rest 30 seconds, and repeat the circuit 2 more times before moving on to the next (4 move) circuit.  Usually I do 3 or 4 circuits.
I also start with a 6 minute warm up.  I pull out 4 purple popsicle sticks and do the moves for 30 seconds each, and repeat that 2 more times without taking a break.
The great thing about this set up is that you can change any of these numbers.  A beginner might want to start with 30 seconds of work per move, and take a longer break between rounds.  Someone more advanced might want to work longer or add more moves to each circuit.
I also like focusing on different body parts, or switching up workout types.
Here are four of the different workouts that I do most:
This is the best workout for travelling....I'm currently visiting my parents, so yesterday I did the "More Abs &Arms" workout using some of my Dads weights...and I'm totally feeling it now!  If I was somewhere that didn't have weights it wouldn't be a problem either because I've marked a black dot on the top on any popsicle stick that had a move requiring if I don't have access to weights I just pick around those sticks!
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I started doing these workouts about 6 months ago now, and I've never done the same workout twice.  
They (the people who know what they're talking about...haha!) always say that it's important to constantly switch up your workouts to get the best results...I'm pretty sure this would count for that!

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