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Monday, October 6, 2014

Make It Monday: DIY Bug Shoe Clips

A few weeks ago I was going through some of my craft supplies and I came across these bugs that I had intended on using in a necklace...that obviously never happened!  I quickly realized that they would be perfect for some fun(ky) shoe clips...and it just so happened that I had all my shoe clip supplies still out from making my butterfly shoe clips.
I know that Halloween is just around the corner...which means it's the perfect time to get a little buggy...but there's really no need to reserve these just for Halloween.  I certainly won't be!
 Materials and Supplies
-Nail Polish
-Plastic Bugs
-Strong Glue (I like Superglue or E6000®)
-Shoe Clips


1.  Use nail polish to paint the bugs.  I like using rich sophisticated metallic colours...because of course I gotta keep my bugs classy (haha!)
2.  Glue your shoe clips onto the back of the bug.
Let them dry, and you're all done!
Clip them on the toes...
...or on the backs of your shoes!
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