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Monday, October 20, 2014

Make It Monday: Embellished Dollar Store Box Purse

 A few months ago Brianna and I got together and made a few fashion DIY' we were shopping for supplies for different projects, we came across these small wooden boxes and decided they would make perfect embellished bags.
We had so many different ideas on how to embellish them...but of course we only bought one box each (I bought one for Vyla to decorate as well).
For my box I covered it in fabric, added some dollar store (scrapbooking) rhinestone stickers, trimmed it with sequins, and used a rope for the shoulder strap.
Some other ideas we had included; deco-paging on comic book pages or covering it with fake flowers....maybe next time!

Materials and Supplies
-Wood Box with Clasp
-Mod Podge
Weatherproof Finishing Spray
-Foam Brush
-exacto Knife
-Assorted Embellishments
-Strong Glue (if embellishments require glue)
-Rope for Shoulder Strap (or Chain)

1.  Cut a strip of fabric that will wrap around the top, sides and bottom of the box.  Cut it so that it will slightly hang over the edges on both sides.
2.  Mod lodge the fabric strip all around the box as shown.  Make sure the seam (where the edges overlap) will be at the bottom of the box.  Don't worry about covering the clasp and hinges with fabric, just don't put any of the mod lodge directly onto those spots.
 3.  Cut out a piece of fabric that will wrap around the front of the box to the back of the box.  I made a pattern for this by tracing the front of the box, then flipping to the bottom and tracing, then flipping to the other side and tracing.
 4.  Mod podge the front, back and bottom fabric into place.
 5.  Allow all the mod podge to dry.  Take your exacto knife and carefully cut open the side and top seams of your box.  Do not cut open the bottom seam.  Carefully cut any fabric from around the clasp.
 6.  Embellish your purse.
 7.  I glued a sequinned trim around the edges of my box because it cleaned up the edges nicely.
 8.  Next I drilled a hole on each side of the box towards the top.  If you do this, make sure there's enough room from your hole to the opening edge.
A way to avoid having to drill a hole for the shoulder strap would be to glue a strap on that would go all the way down to the bottom of the purse.
 9.  I painted the interior of the purse gold.
 10.  Thread your strap rope through the holes and tie the ends.
Finally I closed my box and gave it a good coating of Weatherproof Finishing Spray
 All Done!
The great thing about this project is that there's no right way to make your bag!
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