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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sewing Sunday: Little Fixes Book Review

Anyone who has kids already knows that kids can go through an insane amount of clothing in a small period of time.  Whether it be caused by a growth spurt, worn knees from crawling around on the floor, or messy eating induced stains, my kidlets are always needing new clothes!
This is where the new DIY book Little Fixes by Disney Powless (of the blog Ruffles and Stuff) is going to come in handy!  This book features 54 projects meant to extend the life of your child's clothes.
Both my children are tall and slim, so by the time their pants fit in the waist they are much too short in the legs.  Little Fixes has a solution for that!
I was not at all expecting to love this book so much.  I'm a pretty creative person, so I thought I "knew it all" already...but there are so many ideas in this book that I would of never thought to try.
As soon as we get home I plan to lengthen a few pairs of Blake's pants, and I'm also going to turn a few of Vyla's too short shirts into dresses...all ideas thanks to this book!

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